Latest News

The EBBL team won the 2nd place in the Environmental Challenge International (ECi) Competition.

Dr. He has been promoted to a Full Professor.

Both Mohan and Heyang were selected as Via Teaching Fellows and will independently teach CEE 3104 in the fall 2017.

Akshay passed MS exam and will receive his MS degree.


Recent Papers

"Mainstream upflow nitritation-anammox system with hybrid anaerobic pretreatment: long-term performance and microbial community dynamics". Water Research.

"Electrodialysis recovery of reverse-fluxed fertilizer draw solute during forward osmosis water treatment". Chemical Engineering Journal.

"Resource recovery by osmotic bioelectrochemical systems towards sustainable wastewater treatment". Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology.


Annual Report

"We have had an extremely productive year in 2016 with publishing 29 journal papers, including 4 papers in Water Research..." EBBL 2016 Annual Report

"In 2015, PhD student Mohan Qin received 2015 Innovation Award for Best Technological Advancement from the ISEMT..." EBBL 2015 Annual Report

Environmental Biotechnology & Bioenergy Laboratory (EBBL) is a part of the Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech). Our interests lie at the crossroads of microbiology, engineering and electrochemistry. We are seeking a fundamental understanding of the microbial process in engineered systems designed for biological wastewater treatment and bioenergy production with the overarching goal to improve bioreactor performance. Our work includes but not limit to: biotechnology development for wastewater treatment, bioenergy production using microbial fuel cells, sustainable desalination technology, bioremediation using bio-electrochemical techniques and the understanding of those and other environmental biological processes.


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